Your value to advertisers is attributed to your key asset, people. Every day, thousands of people have some contact with your trust, as staff, patients, friends and family, volunteers, trust members, passing pedestrians and car drivers. Advertisers understand that people are potential customers for a multitude of products and services reflecting their many different roles, interests, habits, preferences etc.  A nurse could also be a parent, homeowner, gym member, car owner, football fan, charity donator and grocery shopper.

How can your assets generate an income for your trust?

By allowing companies to promote themselves using the media opportunities at your hospital, they can communicate their messages to these people. Your trust possesses numerous potential media channels, which advertisers are very keen to pay you to use. To follow is a list of possible advertising opportunities, which you might wish to consider. This list is not exclusive and there is no pressure for your trust to agree to use all or most of them. Which ones you choose is entirely your decision. The options include:

  • Posters – in internal and external (six-sheets, A3, A4) receptions, entrances, restaurants, high traffic locations, washrooms, lifts, specific departments, BUT ONLY IN public waiting areas (e.g. maternity, physiotherapy, outpatients, etc.)
  • External 48-sheet billboards – special builds and building-mounted
  • Lamppost banners in public and staff car parks
  • Roundabout sponsorship
  • Large-format building posters
  • Publications – staff magazine, bereavement literature, staff handbooks
  • Welcome and directional signs
  • TV screens
  • Digital (staff intranet)
  • Vehicle livery (buses, vans & cars)
  • Wayfinding maps
  • Patient information leaflets
  • Perimeter boards

How can we make you money?

We can promote your assets in ways that appeal to potential advertisers, by identifying and quantifying specific target audiences that can be reached through advertising at your hospital.  We will identify local, regional and national businesses appropriate for each audience and market to them using our proven techniques.

Our experienced marketing and sales teams generate millions of pounds for our clients from our proven income strategies. Your trust has assets which are highly demanded by local and national businesses, because advertising will be seen by thousands of staff, patients and their friends and families.

If we are appointed in a fully managed programme, we source the revenue directly from local and national businesses. This means we pay no commissions to outdoor poster specialists (who commonly charge 5% of the advertising income), advertising and media agencies (15%) and media owners, who take 70% and leave you with only 30%. Therefore, for every £100 sold, other companies could pay you as little as £24.23. By selling direct we avoid paying the middle men’s commission. We will pay you more than other suppliers. They pay you 30%, whereas we will pay you 40% of the income generated. This means you receive £40 from every £100 sold or 65% more. Our costs and income are paid by the advertisers and not you.

Generating advertising income from local businesses

We understand local marketing. Each year we generate millions of pounds for our public sector and NHS clients, mostly from local advertisers, using our proven sales strategies.

How much revenue has been generated by your existing suppliers from local businesses? Probably none, because your current suppliers are not sufficiently resourced to have a local sales team. They only focus on selling advertising to national brands, but this strategy misses out on your trust’s greatest income opportunity, which are the businesses in your area. We know the importance of your hospital to the local community, many of whom may have attended themselves as a patient, family member or friend.

If you already have a contract with an advertising supplier, then it is possible that with our help you could generate additional income from local businesses. We could negotiate on your behalf for your existing suppliers to allow us to use their unsold space for local advertisers.



“ I have been very impressed with the overall professionalism and responsiveness of CP Media.  They very quickly built up a thorough understanding of the borough and the businesses within it, which has enabled them to secure high occupancy levels for our assets.  In their dealings with the Council and with businesses, they consistently display excellent customer service, responding quickly and appropriately to any issues that arise.  It is a pleasure to work with them. ”

HILARY HILL – Head of Performance and Resources, Department of Environment, Culture and Communities, Bracknell Forest Council


Let’s work together

If you would like to know more about how CP Health Media can help your trust achieve significant advertising income, then please contact us