What are the services we offer?

Our services are provided in 2 phases – Assessment and Evaluation and Implementation. The Assessment and Evaluation provides trusts with valuable information about their existing supplier contracts and the advertising income market to determine if generating revenue from advertising is appropriate for their trust and how to make it a success.

The Implementation phase delivers the income and makes the cost savings.

Phase 1 – Assessment and Evaluation

Audit Report – an investigation into all your existing advertising income suppliers, an assessment of their contract terms and income performance and recommendation for improvements, as well as an evaluation on their impact on NHS staff time and resources.

Consultancy Report – a comprehensive and detailed market analysis report providing your trust with all the necessary information you need to achieve safe and successful advertising income.  The report includes a survey of existing and potential site locations, other income opportunities and their predicted value and 5 year income projections, as well as the Audit Report of all existing advertising supplier contracts.


Phase 2 – Implementation

Programme management

Working to your pre-agreed brief, our experienced team of income generation programme managers will provide your trust with a comprehensive service of consultation, evaluation, monitoring, performance analysis, reporting and recommendations on potential media supplier contracts, to ensure that they achieve the optimum results. With your authorisation, we will negotiate the supplier contracts on your behalf to achieve improved outcomes.  At all times, your trust remains the final decision maker.

Contract negotiation – Achieve improved income from your existing media supplier contracts.  We already work with the major NHS advertising suppliers and could sell their unsold space to generate you additional income 

Advertising Income Generation as a media supplier – We are the leading media owner for council roundabout signage, lamp post banners and offer other opportunities including 6 sheet posters.  We can provide additional income from these formats, which is risk and financially free to your trust. Our experienced and proven sales team sell advertising for the formats that we can provide, but also provide additional income for your existing media suppliers, selling their unsold space. 

Cost savings programme – do you have a staff magazine, bereavement literature or patient information leaflets?  Many trusts pay to have these provided, but they could produce you an income.  At one trust we saved them over £30,000 finding an alternative supplier for their staff magazine

Commercial Revenue – generate income from new opportunities or improving existing ones.  We generated an additional £27,000 by re-negotiating a maternity pack and photographic services contract

You could select which parts of our service best suit your requirements.  You could start with gathering information by commissioning the Consultancy or Audit Report to inform your future decisions.  Some trusts want to start generating income immediately, so have appointed us to a trial 2-year scheme.  Contact us to discuss the ways in which we could help your trust.



“ I have been very impressed with the overall professionalism and responsiveness of CP Media.  They very quickly built up a thorough understanding of the borough and the businesses within it, which has enabled them to secure high occupancy levels for our assets.  In their dealings with the Council and with businesses, they consistently display excellent customer service, responding quickly and appropriately to any issues that arise.  It is a pleasure to work with them. ”

HILARY HILL – Head of Performance and Resources, Department of Environment, Culture and Communities, Bracknell Forest Council

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