If you are considering generating advertising income, what are the programme model options?

There are three models, which are differentiated by the amount of time and work required by your staff, the expertise needed, and the income they deliver. In each case all the final decisions remain with your trust. They are managed:

  1. in-house
  2. semi-outsourced
  3. fully outsourced.

Model 1 – In-house programme – manage the programme solely using in-house resources

This would involve your trust being responsible for marketing your trust to businesses (including sales calls, emailing and face-to-face meetings), producing a media pack presentation, selling advertising space, negotiating contracts, client liaison, production, planning, scheduling, approving creative, purchasing and maintenance of inventory (e.g. poster frames), changing the artwork, monitoring, reporting and evaluation.


  • Retain all income
  • 100% control


  • Large volume of work and time required
  • Lack of sales experience, possibly need to recruit specialist people
  • Possible lower income, through limited knowledge of market trading prices
  • Lack of business contacts
  • Not advertising/salespeople
  • High upfront investment

Model 2 — Semi-outsourced programme — Manage the programme using a combination of in-house resources and third-party media owner suppliers

Overview – The trust would be responsible for managing the programme, whereby media owners would provide the advertisers and report directly to the trust.


  • Still requires in-house involvement to manage, negotiate and audit the contract
  • Contract terms less favourable
  • Lower level of income due to commissions paid to advertising agencies, specialist outdoor agencies and media owners


  • Quicker route to market, using the specialist’s knowledge, sales people and contacts
  • Single point of contact for each media format
  • Less in-house time required to manage contracts

Model 3 – Fully managed outsourced programme – to appoint a specialist company who will manage the programme on behalf of the trust

Overview – A contract with one company who will be a one-stop shop for the trust, advertisers and media owners.


  • Single point of contact for all media formats
  • Highly experienced and knowledgeable team
  • Ultimate control and final decisions remain with the trust
  • Regular updates and performance reporting
  • No financial risks or costs
  • Much lower in-house work load
  • Favourable contract terms and income


  • Perceived loss of control


“ I have been very impressed with the overall professionalism and responsiveness of CP Media.  They very quickly built up a thorough understanding of the borough and the businesses within it, which has enabled them to secure high occupancy levels for our assets.  In their dealings with the Council and with businesses, they consistently display excellent customer service, responding quickly and appropriately to any issues that arise.  It is a pleasure to work with them. ”

HILARY HILL – Head of Performance and Resources, Department of Environment, Culture and Communities, Bracknell Forest Council

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