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There are two phases to the services we offer:

Phase 1 – Assessment and Evaluation

Phase 2 – Implementation

We offer a broad range of services, which can be tailored to your requirements. Our Assessment and Evaluation service provides you with either an Audit Report which identifies your existing contracts; or a comprehensive one-off, stand-alone Consultancy Report, providing you with all the information that you, your board and your trust will need to make informed decisions as to whether advertising is right for your trust, how to implement a programme and the income it could generate.

Our Implementation service offers a risk-free and cost-free ESPO pre-vetted, fully managed Trial Scheme, which could start to generate your trust income within weeks. The scheme could also include commercial income generation and cost savings projects, if that is what you would like us to provide.

If you already have advertising suppliers, then we can work with you and them to ensure you are receiving the maximum revenues, services and favourable contract terms.

Phase 1 – Assessment and Evaluation

Audit Report

Do you know if the advertising contracts at your trust are performing at their best for you by delivering the maximum revenue and offering favourable terms? It is essential to know the full extent of the advertising contracts and their details to ensure that you are receiving the best outcomes.

It is unlikely that all the contracts are held in one place. Identifying where each of the advertising supplier contracts are held can require extensive investigation. Every trust is different, but typically we have found that they are spread amongst midwifery, communications, finance, estates and facilities, procurement, commercial/business development and charitable funds. Advertising platforms could include:

  • Large format posters
  • Maternity packs and photography
  • Staff intranet
  • Trust magazine (staff and members)
  • Wayfinding maps
  • Perimeter boards
  • A3 and A4 posters
  • A&E and patient information leaflets
  • Bereavement literature
  • TV screens
  • Staff handbook
  • Washroom posters

The report will identify the Trust’s suppliers and their media channels, background information about the suppliers, the department that holds the contract, the key contractual terms, the start and end dates, notice periods and potential cancellation dates, any cancellation penalties and if there are any terms that are cause for concern. The report will also investigate if your existing advertising is appropriate, NHS-compliant or even legal, the revenue the contracts have delivered, where the money has been paid and, most significantly, recommendations for improvement.

With this information, you will be able to take control of the supplier contracts and re-negotiate better terms, or we could do it on your behalf.

Consultancy Report

The comprehensive Consultancy Report will provide you with all the information necessary to fully understand and implement an advertising income programme. The report will contain the following:

  • Physical survey of all existing and potential sites
  • Analysis and evaluation of revenue generation potential (five-year plan)
  • Audit Report — analysis and recommendations for maximising current supplier contracts
  • Programme implementation options and strategies
  • Advertising and Sponsorship by External Organisations policy document

As associated services, we will also attend meetings, make presentations and conduct Q&A sessions with stakeholders.

Phase 2 – Implementation

If you decide that you want to start generating income, then the next step is choose a programme model — in-house, semi-outsourced or fully outsourced. Please see our “What are the programme model options?” section for an explanation of the model types and their pros and cons.

If you would like to run the programme yourself (in-house), then we could provide you with some professional advice to get you started. If semi-outsourced is your preferred route, then we can support you with Programme Management and Contract Negotiations and could offer additional revenue by providing Advertising Income Generation as a supplier.

To take full advantage of all the services we provide, then we recommend outsourcing to us for a Trial Scheme or Full Appointment. The advantages of CP Health Media’s outsourced programmes are:

  • Financially risk-free proposition
  • Fully managed and resourced professional services
  • Comprehensive monitoring and reporting
  • Safeguarding to protect your trust

If you already have advertising supplier contracts, we offer:

  • The chance to free up your internal staff resources
  • Professionally negotiated and better advertiser supplier contracts
  • Improved financial outcomes

Trial Scheme and Full Appointment

You can choose to take full advantage of all the services we offer to maximise your income and cost savings, or cherry-pick the bits you require. We would recommend that you appoint us to a free trial scheme, which lasts for two years, or full appointment for a five-year period, which is also free. Both options would include Programme Management and Contract Negotiations, Advertising Income Generation, Cost Savings and Commercial Income Generation, unless any of these services were not required.

Trial Scheme

The free trial programme offers the opportunity to test the advertising revenue market and quickly generate income, without the necessity to tender (we are on the ESPO framework) and at no cost or risk to you.

In addition to the Implementation services (Programme Management and Contract Negotiations, Advertising Income Generation, Cost Savings and Commercial Income Generation), we would provide:

  • Site survey and opportunity recommendations
  • Advertising and Sponsorship by External Organisations policy document
  • Sales and marketing – lead generation and fulfilment
  • Revenue optimisation and media channel cross-selling
  • Performance monitoring
  • Reporting – performance and financial
  • Invoicing and auditing/verification and administration

At the end of the two-year trial period the agreement would come to an end or be renewed.

Full Appointment

Essentially this is the same as the Trial Scheme, although more formalised. This is a five-year appointment to meet your needs in the following areas.

Programme Management & Contract Negotiation

If you chose to appoint us to manage the scheme, then this does not mean that you are relinquishing control. All decisions remain with you, such as advertiser and artwork approval and supplier appointments. As part of being appointed to manage your programme, we would include Contract Negotiations on your behalf, but with your full involvement.

Programme Management

The service includes:

  • Relationship management
  • Site survey and opportunity recommendations
  • Advertising and Sponsorship by External Organisations policy document
  • Performance monitoring
  • Reporting – performance and financial

Contract Negotiations

We offer:

  • Existing contract assessment and recommendations
  • Effective negotiations, with fewer or no restrictive clauses
  • Fixed-term contracts (no rolling periods)
  • Improved revenue and added value payments
  • Third-party relationship management
  • Flexible terms to increase income opportunities
  • Guaranteed minimum income payments
  • Contract target-setting and performance monitoring

Case Study — Maternity packs and photographic services supplier

The five-year contract was due to expire and the supplier stated that the new contract would run for three years and pay the Trust 69% less than the previously agreed revenue. This would have resulted in a decrease in payments of £27,000 over the new contract period. The supplier insisted this offer would not be improved.

On behalf the Trust, we negotiated that the payments to the Trust were significantly improved. The final contract increased the payments to £27,000 more than they had first offered and included payments for services the Trust had provided previously free of charge.

Advertising Income Generation

We generate millions of pounds in revenue for our existing public sector clients by installing and selling advertising space as a supplier. We are the UK’s leading supplier of lamppost banners and roundabout signage, and also supply many other media formats including posters. Our experienced sales people are supported by proven marketing strategies that target local, regional and national businesses, who want to promote their messages to the audiences you can deliver.

Cost Savings

The expertise we have gained from working with our NHS and Council partners mean that we can offer significant costs savings, without compromising the projects. In many cases the projects have been improved and substantial savings achieved.

Case Study — We saved the client NHS Trust £30,000 per year and improved its staff magazine

The incumbent supplier had been providing the Trust’s magazine for many years. The original contract allowed the supplier to charge the Trust to design and print the magazine, but the costs were supposed to be off-set by advertising income, that the supplier would generate through their sales department. Over time the design and production charges increased, and the income decreased. The supplier was not closely monitored or challenged. The cost to produce the six issues per year grew until the supplier announced that they would no longer sell the advertising space but wanted to continue producing the magazine. Furthermore, there would be another price increase. The annual cost would be £30,000.

Faced with this situation, we discussed the Trust’s requirements and concluded that the magazine was being produced inefficiently. By making small, unnoticeable adaptations to the quality of the paper the magazine was printed on, and by printing a more efficient number of pages, we could immediately save money. The greatest saving came when a new supplier was appointed, who agreed to design and print the magazine for free.

The following year six issues were produced at no cost to the Trust. The Communications department were extremely pleased with the new supplier, commenting on their professionalism, enthusiasm, creative and design skills and speed of response.

Commercial Revenue Generation

These projects are outside of an advertising context, but are noteworthy for the substantial income they can generate. Each proposal will be fully investigated, evaluated and analysed, and a detailed recommendation presented, specifically for your trust. We aim to improve the services you offer, and to generate income.



“ The Council has worked successfully with CP Media in developing its advertising opportunities and broader portfolio.  They have provided a professional, transparent and responsive service to the Council. ”

DAVID WALKER – Head of Financial Procedures, City of York Council

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